For a few years, Mayra Brakband and her team from Calvary Faith Center in Rancho Cucamonga, California (Pastors Art and Helma Van der Pol) have made puppets, many puppets – estimates of 25,000 puppets! And another 50,000 Gospel Bracelets.

But that, as they say, was only part of her story. Mayra shared recently with the FMP staff how when she was a single woman living in a remote village in Costa Rica, FMP literature somehow reached her and helped her win many to Christ and then to disciple them!

Once she got married and came to California, she wanted to come immediately to FMP where she met Mary Lou Canata and Debbie Jameson. There she offered to help any way she could and accepted their challenge to make puppets. Thank you, Mayra and team, for your faithfulness!

Mayra's Story
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