Bob’s Beard Challenge

Bob Hunt

Bob’s Beard Challenge

Should Bob shave his beard?

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Read Bob’s note below and decide how much it is worth.

Dear Friend of the Press,

It’s Christmas in summer…

…For thousands of children from the Philippines to Sri Lanka, Vietnam to Honduras, who are experiencing dozens of Children’s Gospel Box rallies.

Now, more nations are calling and wanting the Box!

But we don’t have the necessary funds to make it happen.

We need your help now!

We have an unprecedented opportunity to impact an entire continent of children in Africa…starting in Kenya.

Because the need and opportunity is so great, I’m willing to do almost anything to raise the needed money.

My friend, with your gift of any amount, you can vote that I keep my beard (until Christmas) or shave my beard (my mother-in-law is praying).

(If I keep the beard, I could be available to play “Santa” – all proceeds to the Gospel Box!)

I’m having a little fun with this, but it is a serious challenge – getting the Good News of Jesus Christ into the hands and hearts of precious children living in challenging areas. Thank you for your help!

Until every child knows,

Bob Hunt
Director – FMP