For a few years, Mayra Brakband and her team from Calvary Faith Center in Rancho Cucamonga, California (Pastors Art and Helma Van der Pol) have made puppets, many puppets – estimates of 25,000 puppets! And another 50,000 Gospel Bracelets. (more…)

Check out the team in Sri Lanka as they practice scripture memorization exercises with the children’s leaders.

Watch the video of day two of the training of leaders with the Children’s Gospel Box in Sri Lanka.

Let’s continue to hold the team in our prayers.

Check out FMP Associate Director Cheyne M. Jackson’s video Diary of Day 1 of The Children’s Gospel Box (CG Box) Training and Launch in Sri Lanka! Extraordinary work and check out familiar faces: Assistant CG Box Director Joy McInnis and Pastor Jennifer Thigpenn from Life Church in Lancaster California!

Grace’s family has established the Grace Memorial Fund for the Children’s Gospel Box in her memory. To give towards Grace’s passion, the children of the world, click here.

Dr. Mary Lou Canata thought she was about to get fired, on her first day as a volunteer at Foursquare Missions Press.

The conveyor belt ran too fast and booklets began piling up, falling at her feet.

The word had gotten to her that the director of the Press wanted to speak with her. She wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed or relieved.

“On my first day and I’m getting fired!” she would later confess were her thoughts as she walked to my office.

Firing was not even on my mind. Getting her to lead a big vision to meet a huge global need was.

That was some 15 years ago. Because of Mary Lou’s indomitable spirit, boundless energy, and passion for children, the Children’s Gospel Box ministry was born, reaching over a million children in 55 nations. Some 16,000 children’s workers have been given an actual Box and have been trained how to effectively use it.

Every detail of the Box and its training has Mary Lou’s fingerprints and anointing on it.

Even her last words to me, just hours before Glory, were about missions, the Box, and children. Though her voice was weak, her passion remained strong to the end. Later that last day, she wept when she heard about the latest results from the CG Box in the Philippines.

We will all miss “Miss” Mary Lou. But, none more than the children she touched. Whether they lived in the streets of Skid Row in L.A., or in the shadow of Islam in Pakistan, her legacy will live on in their grateful hearts.

Well done Faithful Servant.

Phil and Dana Liberatore have generously established the “Mary Lou Canata Children’s Gospel Box Fund.” If you would like to give to this fund in her memory, with 100% of your giving going to the children, click here.

We said it was coming, and now it’s HERE–it’s the recap video from FMP’s most recent trip to Cairo, Egypt for Operation Teddy Bear! More than 2,000 children came to the Children’s Gospel Box Rally, where over 600 little ones asked Jesus to be the Lord of their lives!

Don’t forget, our annual banquet is quickly approaching…in fact, it’s just a little over FIVE WEEKS AWAY! Don’t delay… purchase your tickets TODAY by visiting this link.

A very recent request came from the Foursquare church in Burkina Faso for children’s resources. Many of their towns and villages are heavily Muslim, however, there is a great opportunity to reach the children of this nation. Here is a portion of an email requesting resources and telling of a children’s ministry in only one village.

“The Lord manifests Himself through the ministry of children. Today we are more than 116 children. Every day the Lord makes the number grow. The vast majority of these children’s parents are Muslim. Some Muslim parents begin attending the local church.”
Please pray that we can meet all of their resource needs.
  • biblical puppets

Children in Vietnam love their puppets, so the CG Box was thrilled to give away beautiful puppets for our partners in North Vietnam.

But now we are out of stock! If you have used (people) puppets in good condition please consider shipping them to us—we will put them back to work to reach the children of the nations!

Click here for more info.

Tens of thousands of orphaned children struggle everyday to survive the streets of Cairo, Egypt.

They have been abandoned to care for themselves any way that they can. Often they are used and abused by those around them. (more…)