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We Believe In

A series of sixteen lessons on Church faith and doctrine, plus a Discipleship Course and teachings from Dr. Nathaniel Van Cleave.



1. People Need New Life.pdf
2. God's Provision of Grace.pdf
3. The New Birth.pdf
4. The Daily Christian Life.pdf
5. Nature of the Holy Spirit.pdf
6. Holy Spirit Ministry.pdf
7. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit.pdf
8. Gifts of the Spirit.pdf
9. Healing and the Character of God.pdf
10. Healing in the Bible.pdf
11. Healing and the Sacrifice of Jesus.pdf
12. Hard Questions About Healing.pdf
13. What Happens When Jesus Returns.pdf
14. The Antichrist and the Tribulation.pdf
15. Christians Will Be Rewarded.pdf
16. The Millennium & Beyond.pdf
Full Book.pdf
We Believe In Discipleship Course - Spanish Version 2001.pdf
We Believe In Discipleship Course.pdf
We Believe in Divine Healing-Nathaniel Van Cleave 1950.pdf
We Believe In the Second Coming of Jesus Christ-Nathaniel Van Cleave 1950.pdf