Our Mission

Our Mission, Our Vision

To produce culturally effective children's materials, and provide effective training free of charge, for the mission field.

Ministry Emphasis

• Soul-Winning

• Discipleship

• Leadership Training

• Partnerships

Core Values

• Quality Product

• Free to the field

• Culturally Relevant

• Provide where most needed and effectively used

Key Results

Stimulate and Resource Worldwide Children's Evangelism

With CG Box tools ranging from a simple tract to the JESUS Film for Children, we estimate conservatively over 1,000,000 children have read, heard, or seen the salvation message in their language since 2002.

Stimulate Spiritual Development for New Believers

Over 50% of all our materials have been produced to assist the new believer to grow in their new-found faith. According to missionaries and indigenous leaders, this has been the “missing piece” in overseas children’s work.

Creation of New Literature and Resources

The CG Box uniquely produces new, indigenous literature in response to a specific need from the mission field. Dozens of new products are created in partnership with international leaders.

Reach into Closed Areas

“Paper missionaries” and resources like the JESUS Film for Children can often reach into regions closed to the Gospel. The CG Box has partnered with ministries to send materials into Muslim and Communist countries.

Resource and Train Children's Workers

The CG Box program is designed not only to resource, but train local workers. Nearly 15,000 workers globally have been impacted since 2002.

Partnerships for Distribution

The CG Box, besides partnering with the global network of Foursquare churches, resources other denominations, local churches, and parachurch organizations.

Partnerships for Resources

The CG Box utilizes the materials and resources of many different groups, including the JESUS Film Project, E3 Resources, Faith Comes by Hearing, International Bible Society, Lukens Bible Stories, and many more.


Through the use of many volunteers, rent-free space, and other cost-saving measures, the CG Box can put the salvation message into the hands of the unsaved for less than 5 cents. The CG Box also gives the new believer the opportunity to grow strong through study for a quarter. Because of this low cost, on average, each CG Box can be used to reach 150 kids for $150 per box. Materials are given away for free to provide workers on the ground something that clearly communicates both textually and visually the Gospel message.