Tens of thousands of orphaned children struggle everyday to survive the streets of Cairo, Egypt.

They have been abandoned to care for themselves any way that they can. Often they are used and abused by those around them.

The Children’s Gospel Box is partnering with an excellent ministry in Egypt that cares for many of these children. We have been called by the Lord to do what we can to bring hope to these: the most helpless and hopeless.

This summer we will begin an ongoing partnership with this ministry by initiating the Children’s Gospel Box Egypt and by starting “Operation: Teddy Bear.”

Let us explain.

Rev. Cheyne Jackson, was in Egypt last year when he was approached by a group of street children who offered their bodies for money. Devastated and brokenhearted, Cheyne cried out to the Lord asking what could be done to help these and so many other children.

The clear vision was to love each one, giving every child a Teddy Bear, Gospel Bracelet, and a way to find help. Our proven Children’s Gospel Box ministry is making an ongoing commitment to assist children’s workers in Cairo, not only to reach these street kids, but also to raise up children and children’s workers in local, underground churches.

Egypt is a Muslim nation with many radical elements. This is a dangerous mission, but one that must be accomplished.

We must have your help, both in prayer for protection and with generous giving, to reach these children. We want to reach over 100,000 in the next 5 years.

Would you join with us to give these children the gift of unconditional love? Most importantly, the opportunity to know the Savior, Jesus Christ?