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Well this is Joseph (Michieka) again from Kenya. I want to say, that I am so blessed and excited to be here.

(Foursquare Missions Press) is where we have been receiving materials for our Sunday School in Kenya.

Let me share.

In Kenya, we have a vision to inspire the young people and children because we know the church is the children. The children is the church. (If) we don’t inspire the children, we don’t have a future. So the church belongs to the children and the children belong to the church. So if we are going to help the future church, we must invest in the children.

So my heart, is I want to see Sunday School growing from this glory to another, so that we get the leaders, who can lead the church. If we don’t invest in Sunday School, then we don’t have a church. We MUST invest in Sunday School so that we can have a strong church in the future.

So when we give all the materials to Sunday School to train these young people, we will have really strong leaders in the future.

That is why the Kenyan Church leadership has come to give the Sunday School, as a department, where they can express themselves, where they can go out for themselves, where they can feel part of the Foursquare, and then they can grow-up in the WORD of God and to know God who he is. And the church will be BLESSED!

So we pray, that you guys, if you could stand with us, so we can invest more into these young people and to see the church in the future.

Thank you so much. We pray for that. We need you to pray for us, so that we can move forward.

It is a church we are building in these last days. God bless you!

“The Foursquare family in Kenya, we want to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.”
-Pastor Joseph Ondicho

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